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I’ve been doing these exercises since I was about 15, and was fortunate to be coached by wonderful people, but you can’t be too perfect in these movements.People who meet me often assume I’m uber-competitive.It is not a “ketogenic” practice whatever that means (though people seem to ask me that).The focus is longevity and healthspan, for which nutrition is but one of eight components.Today I am working Peter-part-time (30-35 hours/week) on my medical practice, which is located in San Diego and NYC.It’s a very small practice and sort of referral only.

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I will ride socially a couple of times per month, and find the experience fun and humbling simultaneously.Failure occurs when form breaks, not when you fall under the bar and the goal is increase the reps of those test sets each week.I don’t possess the vocabulary to explain what this does to my glycogen reserves.His book, Starting Strength, is a bible for anyone who wants to correctly lift heavy weights.I also plan to take his 3-day course for a little tune up.

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