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Five activities, 5-course meals, 5 reasons you love him/her, 5 ways of celebrating, 5 gifts, etc. This way you are spending your money on your relationship rather than on things, and you will enjoy the gift ALL YEAR long as you complete each activity/event together.

Gifts on the Hour: I’ve seen this one floating around Pinterest. Birthday Week: Does your spouse’s birthday land on an awkward day? Make the celebration last all week by doing something small to celebrate each day (breakfast one day, gift another, movie on another, etc.) Make it Birthday Week.

For Christmas last year I surprised my husband with season tickets to his favorite sports team.

Celebrate in Numbers: This could get tricky if your spouse was born on the 30th, but if they were born earlier in the month you have it made! Gifts that Last ALL YEAR: This is a fun one for Christmas.

For example, if they were born on the 5th, you could celebrate all day long with the number 5. Rather than buy ITEMS for each other, only give gifts of things you can enjoy together: movie tickets, a trip somewhere, a sporting event, a fun date night at home kit, tickets to a play,amusement park pass, etc.

Here are some birthday tributes she did for her dad, brother and husband.

These are meant to be crazy and silly, and are of course funnier if you know the people doing them.

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