Child updatepanel updating parent

The built-in request validation returns an error only when it finds the most common strings used in XSS attacks.

Previous attempts to make the XSS validation more aggressive resulted in too many false positives.

Note that this module works with any version of ASP. For more information, see Application Warm-Up on the Web site.

For a walkthrough that illustrates how to use the warm-up feature, see Getting Started with the IIS 7.5 Application Warm-Up Module on the Web site.

The file that contains the configuration for a Web application has grown considerably over the past few releases of the .

NET Framework as new features have been added, such as Ajax, routing, and integration with IIS 7.

NET application and then run initialization code during the that directly addresses this scenario is available when ASP. The auto-start feature provides a controlled approach for starting up an application pool, initializing an ASP. Note IIS Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5 The IIS team has released the first beta test version of the Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5.

NET 4 introduces a number of features that improve core ASP.

NET services such as output caching and session-state storage.

This makes warming up your applications even easier than previously described.

Instead of writing custom code, you specify the URLs of resources to execute before the Web application accepts requests from the network.

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