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And even as a fan, I know Friends was flawed, and I’m finally clear eyed enough to be horrified by the way the show failed to portray non-white core characters, their occasional failure to properly show and respect the gay community (Video editor Tijana Mamula documented the frequent, awful instances of homophobia in Friends) and the lack of responsible realism.Even in the nineties, most of the characters could never have covered the rent on a central Manhattan apartment on the money their paltry salaries paid.I might be in my twenties now, but I still can’t ignore the impact Friends has on my behaviour, the manner in which I conduct my relationships and the way I fix a snack.(Cheers, Joey.) For a generation of Millennials, it was our guide to being grown up.The show influenced our behaviour in positive and negative ways, but it also generated a lot of important conversations between friends and family that may not have happened otherwise.Your Mum probably knows about Phoebe’s lobster theory.

And no matter how old I get or how cool I pretend to be, I will always, always clap along with those four beats when I hear the theme tune start.To my everlasting shame and horror, the word ‘lesbian’ was, pre-Friends, an insult I heard and used in the playground.Then we met Ross’s smart, gorgeous gay, ex-wife Carol and the equally striking Susan. There have been a number of brilliant shows that have had a far greater positive effect on the LGBT community, but putting compelling gay characters on one of the most popular mainstream shows going forced pupils at my all girls school to start calling each other out on their casual homophobia.And Friends passed the Bechdel test - probably more easily than Sex And The City.Monica, Phoebe and Rachel constantly had conversations about their lives, jobs and families that were not about relationships with men.

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