Internet dating cliches

Challenge: Go on a date and we have to agree with each other no matter what. Challenge: Message ten guys from POF to find out if this cliché is actually relevant.

Learning Point: Only ever listen to your intuition when it comes to sex – because you’re the only person who matters in this decision.

We are all complex, multi-faceted, nuanced human beings. Add the power of imagination, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Given the sheer volume of people all looking for “that special someone”, there better be a lot of “special someones” out there. The well-worn cliché of the LBD/jeans points to the worn-out, much-perpetuated image of the very thing the Catholic Match ladies (also known as “CM Pinkies”) often complain about in the forums: the mythical, stereotypical Catholic Barbie.

Here’s the other, far more dangerous thing about “WYSIWYG”: This isn’t real life, it’s the World Wide Web We Weave. “My philosophy is …” followed by (Greek for “wisdom”). “Honesty (or any other admirable human quality) is really important to me.” Please. “I’m looking for that special someone.” This is a numbers game.

Learning Point: Coyness and directness are equally great strategies.

Challenge: Message 10 men older and 10 men younger than me on POF. Learning Point: Younger men are thirstier than the silver foxes – which is less attractive.

Tell me what you do together or how these bonds inform your personality or influence your spirituality. Otherwise, everyone is looking for the same “special someone.” It’s obvious that everyone is special in their own way. You are (or want to be with) someone who is adaptable to lots of situations and has outfits to coincide with them? The mythos of the LBD is taking over our lives — don’t believe the hype, people!

To save you from going to the same trouble to find a date, we’ve provided a crash course in defining and testing 30 of the most popular dating cliches below, based on Mandy’s findings. Challenge: Watch the Super Bowl with a group of manly men being exactly as they are.

Learning Point: I love men so hard, especially when they are being all manly men.

Over the past month, Mandy Stadtmiller, Chief Editor at XOJane has been using Plenty Of Fish to test out popular dating cliches to see if they hold any truth (all in hopes of finding a great date for Valentines Day).

Turns out, as you might suspect, some traditional dating advice has no place in 2015. Let us know below, and find the full rundown of the 30 days on The Mandy Project. Learning Point: Authenticity leads to laughter leads to a really great date.

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