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He was surely aware of the Apostle Paul’s instruction to Timothy.

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Below is an abstract from the introduction to Driscoll’s sermon in a church in Edinburgh—he offered the congregation a choice of three sermons, and asked them to choose. Here, also, are lessons for Christians when they become cold or backslidden, showing the way to recover Christ’s presence in their lives.At some point the plea that this is a maturity issue and Mark Driscoll just needs time to mature wears thin.In the meantime, the media is having a field day writing stories that suggest trashy talk is one of the hallmarks of the New Calvinism.’ The Rape of Solomons Song Parts 1-4 (Mark Driscoll’s Preaching – PDF) Here we must point out that the content of this sexually explicit sermon has been removed from the Mars Hill website.The fact that it is so controversial now is simply more proof that evangelicals have become too much like the world, and too comfortable with the evil characteristics of our culture.’ (Part 3) Mac Arthur responds to the claim that the church should be patient with Driscoll for he will mature overtime.‘These problems have been talked about in both public and private contexts for at least three or four years.

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