Marsha ambrosius dating

Neither woman has ever spoken on those rumors, and though Marsha has openly talked about her connection with gay audiences, she’s never been open about who she’s laying with at the end of the night because, truthfully, it’s irrelevant to her craft. The singer has yet to confirm whether what’s seen in the video is a reflection of what she does in real life, although after looking at the video what more is there to say?

But now she seems to be letting us inside her world just a bit with the cliffhanger ending of her new music video, which incidentally debuted on National Coming Out Day yesterday. Kudos to her for artistically showcasing her truth without all the pomp and circumstance.

Unless of course this was just a publicity move to get people to listen to the song in which case I’ll just say congratulations!

Marsha Ambrosius is talking about that video—the one that went viral when she posted it to Instagram. It’s a girl and she is hopelessly in love with the father, her boyfriend Dez.

But some are wondering whether Marsha Ambrosius might be in the lesbian for play play camp now after looking at the video for her new song, “F**k N Get it Over With.” Of course there’s always the other possibility too, that she’s actually into women and this is her creative coming out.

Having substantial gossips about Marsha being a lesbian has trigged her mood, and she’s come out openly to clear those accusations. I’ll never say I haven’t fantasized or had sexually explicit dreams about girls before! I have been called a lesbian since I got to the entertainment business!

In the clip, Marsha is brushing her teeth while her boyfriend, Dez Billups, caresses her tummy, lip-synching to Drake’s “For us that’s just Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday,” the 39-year-old singer says. That day – I don’t know what possessed us to record it, but it’s stuff that we do at home. “It’s weird reading the comments like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know Marsha Ambrosius is pregnant,'" she says.

"I don’t know half of these people on Twitter or Instagram, as if I’m supposed to call every single person and go, ‘Hey guys. ’” This is a new exciting chapter in the life of the singer who serenaded a generation of music fans as half of the British duo Floetry, with childhood friend Natalie Stewart.

Ambrosius has been at the forefront of soul music since her beginnings in Floetry and continues to reinvent herself as a solo artist.

Benét perfects the smooth and crystal clear sound of traditional R&B, with influences from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, and Queen.

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