Pasha kovalev anya garnis dating

His work in other two huge dances shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have also been absolutely jaw dropping.

He is a great human being and his down to earth behavior also impresses a lot of people.

One of my favourite parts of the evening was when Pasha got all the audience up dancing and then hand-picked three ladies to get up close and personal with him on stage!

It was highly amusing as Susie, Kate and Debbie each became his partner in turn with one routine based on Dirty Dancing and Kate’s ‘cheeky’ dance started to look more like a Chippendales routine!

Opening the show by telling the audience:” I’ve been here so many times I feel like I know you all,” Pasha added, “It’s time you got to know me better” leading us into the autobiographical theme of the show.

Russia-themed songs such as Robbie Williams’ Party Like a Russian’ took us back to Pasha’s and Anya’s childhoods and there was a traditional Russian dance with National costume .

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In fact had the Strictly judges been there it would most certainly have been a case of “It’s a ten from Len!This was a far more intimate affair featuring six professional dancers in total, and whilst there was no live orchestra or flashy sets the dancing was exquisite and the choreography superb.We were in the most charming company with Siberian Pasha whose name is surely short for ‘passion’ given his wonderfully emotive dance moves and stage presence.” There have been various Strictly spin off live shows and all are very different.From the moment the lights dimmed and the unmistakable TV theme tune started to play there was a surge of excitement and anticipation.

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