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(She also finds a receipt for a safe-deposit box — presumably where the stamp is being held now.) This apparent betrayal infuriates her, so she… See, Nikki’s having her period, so she leaves Emmit a message smeared on the donkey painting in her own menstrual blood: “Who’s the ass now?” Oh, and she also left a bloody tampon in one of Emmit’s desk drawers, just in case there was any question where the blood originated.Mistress Lauren’s schedule for the next week, all times in EST Wednesday the 8th 7 pm to 11 pm Thursday the 9th (My birthday!) 7 pm to midnight Friday the 10th 2 pm to midnight Saturday the 11th You are out of fucking luck today Sunday the 12th Uncertain.He also lays a crisp twenty-dollar bill on the table, telling Ray that’s “the last dime” he’ll ever see from his brother. Emmit and Sy play “Minnesota nice” and offer to pay back the loan in full with interest, but V. refuses: “We’re partners now.” He says he likes the parking lot business because it runs on cash, so the numbers are easy to fudge.

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Ray apologizes for the “mixed signals,” but Sy’s firm: Emmit will never speak to him again. makes that difficult when he brings Yuri and Meemo into Emmit’s office and brazenly sets up shop, bringing in dozens of illicit-looking file boxes with him.” * Remember that weird German prologue from last week’s premiere?“Yuri Gurka” was the name of the person the German officer thought he was interrogating — though the guy insisted that wasn’t him. * Gloria’s hatred of technology definitely goes both ways.Now it’s time for the spending report Let’s head it off with nylonslave spending 2. He was clicking and paying without even looking at the photos! and I enjoyed the 0 that Lauren’s junkie paid this week! Plus many beautiful captioned photos of Me on his twitter 🙂 My shoe sniffer pleased Me with 5.(Attention, I have new photos for you) is “cashfuck beggar”, a guy that has lurked around My blog for ages and has been part of pay mail club, occasionally buying something. Leg addict is indeed addicted to chat, and tributing so I can send him dangerous photos in chat…spending this past two weeks was 0. In many ways, he reminds Me of My long time slave PIG and footboy keeps calling, recently we did 0 worth of calls 🙂 My special femsissy slave gigi, and her tiny clitty named felicity spent about 85 on Me since the last spending report. My exposure sissy and I had so much fun the past couple of weeks, and it cost her 0! My longtime slave PIG went a little wonkers recently, spending 1 on our special “BOOM” games! The old fool, titfool spent 9 on amazing photos of My amazing breasts….. paycub was about, paying on Niteflirt and 0 worth of gift cards on Amazon Welcome to My blog, the junkie I”m gonna call “drinking buddy” We had a lot of fun with PTV sessions the past couple of weeks. And addicted pete was back for more teasing, this time for 0. and trainee was back, spending 5 on pay to views, and reaching the ,000 level of spending. Still so many dangling shoe photos for you sniffer.

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